The Kincses Interpreting and Translating Office is a newly founded family business, where the energy of a young dynamic group is combined with the competence of many decades of experience. Our colleagues have been working as interpreters, translators and language teachers for many years. Our office is directed by the principal experts in all three spheres, Kincses Mihályné and Kincses Éva. All of our workers have academic or college qualifications and high competence.

We undertake both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in formal and informal meetings, conferences, interviews, training, presentations, cultural events, weddings, etc. If you want to buy a car abroad, or just to travel abroad with any objective, please turn to us with confidence.

Our work in translation is focussed among others on contracts, presentations, applications, introductory documents, reports, dissertations, essays, etc. But if you need a translation on any subject, please call us!

We maintain contact via e-mail or telephone between companies abroad and companies at home which have interests in foreign countries. With many years experience we also take part in the organisation and arrangement of exchange programmes for schools.

In our busy world there are very few people with the luxury of time to race around the city all day, so you can also simply reach our office online. You only have to fill in our form, enclose your document, and you get our tender within hours.We cannot give you an exact price because it finally depends on the number of typed characters and this can be only calculated after the precise translation. But there will no great difference between the estimated price and the end price.

High quality, accurate language is essential, so the inservice training of our colleagues is also very important to us. In this way they gain further professional expertise and you can thus be assured of their continuing success. Keeping to deadlines is also of major significance, so in every case we fix a personal deadline. You can choose between normal, urgent and express deadlines.


Our office works in strict privacy, which means that your methods and secrets will not be used by us or released to others in any way in the course of our translating and interpreting assignments.



Mobile: (+36) 70 / 335-20-72
E-mail: info@kincsesstudio.hu
Web: www.kincsesstudio.hu
Facebook: www.facebook.hu/kincsesstudio