LANguage school

These days it is essential that you know one or more languages at least to basic level, because this helps to find work not only abroad but even at home, irregardless of whether you are starting out or changing your workplace.

In our opinion adult training is very important, so we offer courses for different age-classes at different levels, from beginners across the intermediate stages till high level. Only you can know exactly what you need your qualifications for, but you can be certain we can help you achieve the necessary improvement.

We woul also like to emphasize modern language learning for small children even from nursery school age because they are the most receptive in these early years. Everybody knows how small children continually ask; 'Mom, what's that?' and drink up the ensuing knowledge like a sponge. We want to use this natural curiosity and introduce your children to the wonderful world of languages in a playful way so that the child does not even realise that he is at school and not on the playground.

We build up the private, individual and the group courses not only upon the experience of many years but also upon the newest learning techniques. We try to adapt our prices to the present day economical state, thus making knowledge available for everyone. You can therefore pay in stages if need be.





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